How use code folding in Android Studio?

code folding or folder code one features of all IDEs Available for Developers. in android studio with code folding developers can just with  one click close long descriptions , method codes , classes ,  interfaces and others for avoid troubles.

this technique very useful. some times we want close a part of code for avoid troubles. for example we want close two methodes related to each other or maybe we want close two lines in this times what should we do? in android studio for use this feature just select part of code you want folding then in windows push ctrl+alt+t and in mac push cmd+options+t  until the see this dialog.

now enough select editor-fold ass see in picture:

ass see in picture we can type description for folded part until the code closed see description and find better.

and the end ;)
i hopeful useful.

how find answer android questions?

Certainly Has Come you know A special feature of android how developed or you want use feature in your application but you Do not you know how create this feature "Reinvention the wheel Not recommended". applications that before developed and tested certainly have fewer errors Instead again develop. what the solution? in this post i want share my experience.

1. Sourced
best place for request help about any things reference to the experts  they have made it. So  recommendation is that read Google Developers website.
maybe what you are looking for find you found.

2. Sample apps
android sdk has many samples that you can use. for use android sdk samples first open sdk manager after set checked sources for android+'api level'. for open samples in android studio go to file=>new=>import sample. this samples very useful.

3. Ask Google
this solution very obvious. maybe think the first solution but when did not find the answer do this solution.

4. Ask GitHub
github is a spa…

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